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An entertaining trip to the Sakzl Resort

رحلة ترفيهية إلى منتجع زكزل
On Sunday May 20, 2012, the Ahba Association for Culture and Education organized a recreational trip for the benefit of the children involved and their mothers to the Zekzal Resort, passing through Tafoughalt, where the children enjoyed a group of recreational activities in the Tafoughalt Forest from the revitalization of Yusef Hamas, and then the convoy moved to the Zekzal Resort where they climbed the mountains up And down to visit the Dove Cave, then the rest of the recreational activities were completed, and despite the cold weather, through the children and their mothers, by enjoying the journey that took each of the children out of the routine of the department, the pressures of homework and their mothers from the routine of the house and the pressures of daily hard life in the hope of reorganizing such exploratory trips as much It is entertaining to other areas of our home rich in scenic landscapes.
وخلال نشاط الجمعية نزلت جمعية الأخوة من مدينة الناظور كضفية شرفية حيث شاركت في أنشطة الجمعية عبر لوحة استعراضية قدمها احد منخرطيها يعاني من إعاقة جسدية والتي ليست عائقا أمام الإبداع والموهبة.

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