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Inauguration of a number of the new men in the city of Taourirt

تنصيــب عدد من رجال
السلطــة الجدد بمدينة تاوريـــرت

His Majesty's worker supervised the employment of Taourirt region in the region's employment headquarters on the inauguration of a number of authority men, on October 2, 2013.
In this context, Mr. Ahmed Amin was installed as head of the Taourirt department and Mr. Muhammad Farhan was commander of the fourth urban district, while the commander Elias returned to his mission in the urban district The first.

By the way, the worker of the region gave a speech in which he called on all actors and citizens to give all support to the new men of authority to enable them to fulfill their role to the fullest extent.
On the other hand, on Tuesday 08 October 2013, the provincial worker in Taourirt municipality supervised the inauguration of Mr. Tawfiq Lumili, commander of the third urban district, while the delegation then went to the city of Debdo to install the new city pasha.
يذكر، أن مراسيم التنصيب حضرهـا رجال السلطة، رؤساء المصالح الخارجيــة، مستشارون ورؤساء جماعات، شخصيات أخرى مدنية وعسكريــة بالإضافة لفعاليات المجتمع المدنــي.

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