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Press release The Kingdom of Morocco, Taourirt, in: The Ministry of the Interior,
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on the occasion of the sixty-fourth anniversary of the glorious Independence Day, and to complement the open development workshops in the Taourirt Region, especially in the social, educational, and sports fields aimed at rehabilitating the human element. November 16, 2019, accompanied by a delegation that included the various heads of decentralized security and administrative services, and a number of elected, notables, and civil society representatives, the start of construction work for two colleges, with each of the two earthen groups continuing and Ain al-Hajar, each of which contains the following:
- Community school, continued: 6 primary education departments, 2 primary education departments, with an internal capacity of 80 beds, library, administration, restaurant, playground and health facilities.
- The communal school, Ain Lahjar: 6 primary education departments, two primary education departments, with a capacity of up to 80 beds, a library, administration, restaurant, playground and health facilities.
This is in addition to building two functional housing units in both colleges and playgrounds, and the cost of these two projects amounts to 19.7 million dirhams.
This type of schools falls within the framework of the reformist vision defined by the education sector in terms of the goals and hopes attached to it as an alternative or complement to the traditional primary schools, so that it exceeds the shortcomings, constraints, challenges and dilemmas of the latter, which is distinguished by the existence of a center that has scattered and dispersed branches, linked by rugged paths And it is difficult to maintain its equipment, administrative and educational supervision and supervision, and this educational offer represented in the communal schools has come to contribute to creating added value, with its assistance to pupils in the rural community in the rural milieu to make better use of the educational time in terms of quantity and quality, which It makes them a positive gain in favor of the inhabitants of these two earthen groups, as well as two additional blocks in building the edifice of knowledge and science that has developed significantly in the region of Taourirt, starting from the primary levels and below, to the university level.
After that, the direction was directed towards Al-Ayyoun Sidi Melouk dirt community, where the start of the works to prepare the municipal stadium was given, where a number of facilities will be built (management, medical facility, health facilities and halls to exchange players' clothes), in addition to iron stands for spectators with the expansion of existing stands On the western side, an honorary platform with a total capacity of 1,600 spectators, and sanitary facilities for the public, in addition to demolishing and rebuilding part of the stadium fence and adding a new exit with external preparation works, at a total cost of up to 5 million dirhams, and what such projects represent For young people, and its positive effects stimulating exercise and encourage the creation of football clubs, which would constitute a nursery to discover talents that might create a club that represents the region at the national level, which is an ambitious realization if it is engaged in the necessary effort and seriousness.
At the end of this visit, the palms of the sacrifice were raised to the Exalted, the Majestic, to include, with his preservation and care, Mawlana, the Commander of the Faithful, long as he was victorious and empowered, and the rest of the Alevi noble family.