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Congratulation King Commander of the Faithful, Sidi Mohamed VI, may God assist him and protect him.

Congratulations on the glory of the glorious throne,

Your Majesty, Your Majesty, may God preserve you and grant you victory.

The honorable cousin of the Honorable Sayyed Abdullah Baden, the head of the People’s Group, and the work of Taourirt, on behalf of himself and on behalf of the Council, have the honor to present the assumptions of obedience and loyalty in the highest place in God, and to express to Your Majesty, on behalf of himself and on behalf of all members, the warmest congratulations and best wishes with sincere love and loyalty, asking the Most High May the Almighty achieve with your hands the honorable, glorious rank and honor of your people.

Your Majesty,

The members of the Council are in the midst of celebrating this glorious anniversary, to express to your Majesty their permanent support for your rational policy, their firm pride in your continuous bids, and the successive economic, social and educational achievements in various fields to move our country towards progress and prosperity, armed with a clear future vision, strong will and a firm determination to reach it.

May God protect you, my Lord, by the seven bladders and the great Qur’an, and I will preserve you for this country a high lighthouse and a guiding lamp. The great servant of the Khadija, and I am grateful to you for your support of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Al-Rasheed and all the other members of the royal honorable family.

And peace be upon the highest status of God and His mercy and blessings

For your loyal servants, honorable people.

Mr. Abdullah Baden, head of the Waddah Community, is employed by the Taourirt region