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Taourirt administrative prison in the news was

   Taourirt administrative prison in the news was Informed sources have informed us that an administrative prison for the city of Taourirt, adjacent to the Taourirt Department of National Road No. 6 and adjacent to the Civil Protection Command, was closed on 07/09/2011, according to the instructions of the Prison Administration of the First Ministry, especially that the said prison is not subject mainly to human rights and management systems Prisons in Morocco, due to the problems that this prison knows that may harm the prisoner and fall from his dignity and rights, such as the right to health coverage and treatment, let alone the unpleasant smells that emanate from within these rooms due to lack of hygiene in them, which raises the following question:
When will the city of Taourirt become an administrative prison or A local prison that rises to the level required by human rights systems and contributes to the reintegration of prisoners and their reintegration into the daily life of society.
Follow up by Souad Effendi Yogel Muhammad