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Taourirt Vigilance and Tracking Committee holds its meeting with the region's employment

Taourirt Vigilance and Tracking Committee holds its meeting with the region's employment On Tuesday 04 December 2019, the Taourirt Vigilance and Tracking Committee held an expanded meeting devoted to presenting the proactive measures and measures aimed at facing the effects of the cold wave and weather fluctuations that the region experienced during the winter season.
This meeting, chaired by Taourirt regional worker, Mr. Arabi Twiger, in the presence of Mr. Chairman of the Taourirt Collective Council, heads of security interests and heads of relevant external regional interests, falls within the framework of activating the regional action plan to manage and confront the negative repercussions of climate fluctuations on the regionís population, especially in regions that suffer Most of the cold snap, snowfalls and floods.
The region worker affirmed, in a speech by the way, that a set of proactive and precautionary measures were taken to counter the possible negative repercussions of the cold wave, including updating socio-economic data for the constituencies of the target earth groups, and updating the list of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases, and the list of pregnant women who are Expected to give birth during the winter period in order to provide for them. He called for the concerted efforts of all the interveners to stave off everything that might affect the health and safety of citizens by strengthening the awareness and communication campaigns with the population and urging them to take all necessary precautions to avoid all the risks that may result from climate fluctuations and deal effectively and positively with the warning bulletins and information received For attentive maps issued by the National Weather Service.