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The regular session opened for February 2020

 The regular session opened for February 2020 In accordance with the requirements of Article 33 of the Organizational Law No. 14-113 relating to groups, the collective council of Taourirt held its regular session for the month of February on Wednesday 5 February 2020 in the meeting hall.
After the quorum was completed, the Speaker of the Council opened the session with a speech in which he mentioned the achievements of the group in a number of economic, social and sports fields, so that the Council then moved to discussing the agenda, which included 16 points, ratified 9 of them, while 7 points were postponed to a subsequent session to be held next week.
Thus, the Council approved by a majority the choice of the method of delegating the management of the public lighting facility, and unanimously approved a partnership agreement for the events of a regional massacre, the events of a committee to update the community property record, and decisions to designate roads, routes and alleys in some neighborhoods, and to amend the private campaign sweeper By renting commercial stores in the covered market in the old quarter, and the agreement must contain the framework and campaign book related to the temporary occupation of the collective public domain by telecommunications companies. Likewise, the unanimous approval of the campaign sweeper for the sanitation facilities in the commercial complex, Moulay Ali Sharif, and an annex to a partnership agreement related to the administration of the main entrance to the annex of Mohamed I University in Taourirt Region.
And the remaining points are:
- Presentation of the budget execution proceeds - Study of surplus programming if available - Modification of a chapter of the criminal decision - Study of problems related to the classification of commercial activities in the commercial vessel Moulay Ali Sharif. - Presentation of the evaluation of the annual report of the group's work program. The lawyer of the group technician to find a reconciliation between Mr. Belghiti and the group,
following up Souad Effendi