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Appeal to people of comfort

نداء إلى ذوي الأريحيــــــــــة
A young man in early life suffers from a mysterious disease that makes
him fall asleep and
requests the help of philanthropists to enable him to
diagnose the disease and manage the costs of treatment.

Mustafa Al-Salihi, increased on 04/28/1988. Unbearable hell and suffering that was not meant to end, suffering which the entire family has become entwined with after leaving the desert to settle in the city as a result of his illness.

Seven years ago, Mustafa Al-Salihi was diagnosed with a mysterious disease that completely rested him in the bed, his family sold all of his property in the desert and settled in Taourirt to devote himself to the journey of searching for treatment. Sick until now.

ولأن مصطفى الصالحي ينحدر من أسرة فقيرة معدمة، فهذا السبب كاف لوحده لتستمر معاناتـــه إلى إشعار آخر، وهو إذ يعرض حالتـــه على الموقع الالكتروني تاوريرت أنفو فإنه يرجو من ذوي الأريحيــة والمحسنين سواء كانوا أشخاصا ذاتيين أو معنويين الاستجابة لندائه ومساعدته على تشخيص مرضــه من أجل الخضوع للعلاج.

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