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Congratulation On the occasion of the anniversary of the glorious throne, the honorable servant of honor, Mrs. Shayeb Al-Zahra, the owner of a business in Taourirt, is honored.
To extend the highest expressions of congratulations and blessings, and the highest signs of loyalty and sincerity to the highest place in God.
His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, may God assist him.
May God bless this happy memory of Yemen, goodness and blessings.
May God protect Mawlani the Imam, with what the wise male memorized and approved by His Highness the Crown Prince, Molly Al-Hassan, and Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Khadija, and strengthened his brother with his brother, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rashid and all members of the honorable royal family.
Honorable Servant Office, Mrs. Al Shayeb Al Zahra.