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Oral and dental health Address of the awareness-raising evening awareness for the message of the end of the institution for private education Taourirt

صحة الفم والآسنان عنوان الأمسية التحسيسية التوعوية 
لمؤسسة رسالة النهى للتعليم الخصوصي بتاوريرت

Within the framework of awareness programs organized by Risalat Al-Nahha Institution for Private Education in Taourirt in order to develop the needs of its children, the Foundation organized on Monday 12 March 2012 for the benefit of primary education pupils the first introductory first and the second preliminary educational, cultural and entertainment evening on the occasion of the National Oral and Dental Health Program. Among the activities in the field of oral health and dental care, including Dr.: Shahboun Asma and the collective actor Farag Hassan, while the activation was by Professor Hamas Youssef, this evening was known for the presence of a dear guest, Mr. Adish Rashid.
It should be noted that the evening was under the supervision of the management of the Al Nahha Foundation represented by Mrs. Director Samira Al Yamani and the educational supervisor, Mr. Abdul Rahim Al Shirak.
وقد أعطيت خلال هذه الأمسية عدت نصائح قيمة من اجل وقاية الفم والأسنان وكيفية الاعتناء بها، وكان تجاوب أطفالنا في المستوى المعهود من إنصات واستيعاب ومشاركة فعالة،
ونتمنــى المزيد مـــــن الأنشطــــــــة الهادفة لأجــــــل أطفالنا.

متابعة سعاد افندي