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Officer Mohamed Esau is rumored to have his final resting place in a terrible funeral procession

In a terrible funeral procession, a security officer, Muhammad Asu (Mubarak), was funeral to his last resting place in the Mercy Cemetery in Taourirt, after he died on the morning of the same day in the city's regional hospital after a terminal illness that did not help with treatment.
A large crowd of the people of Taourirt from the late acquaintances and members of his family participated in the funeral of the deceased. At the forefront of the mourners was the president of the Taourirt Regional Security Region, Pasha al-Madina, head of the Taourirt Municipal Council and other civil and military personalities.
It is noteworthy that the death of the late left a great sorrow for all those who knew him in his life, as he was distinguished by the gentleness of manners and his dedication to duty.