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A communication meeting in Taourirt, for the benefit of civil society associations

لقاء تواصلي بمدينة تاوريرت
لفائدة جمعيــات المجتمع المدنــي
The National Cooperation Commission in Taourirt organized in coordination with the local authorities and under the supervision of the Social Development Agency in Oujda, a communication meeting for the benefit of civil society societies, on Tuesday 28 November 2017, in the space of the social complex Moulay Ali Cherif in Taourirt.

This continuous sensitization meeting falls in the wake of the start of the process of receiving requests for funding projects of associations working in the areas of the Ministry and the agency's intervention for the year 2017, which started on the date of 10 November.

According to the contemporaries of the continuous meeting, the projects of the associations should fall within the fields listed exclusively, namely, support for reception and listening centers and guidance for women victims of violence, support for family mediation centers, social inclusion through the economic empowerment of women and finally the field of the advancement of children in street mode.

يشار إلى أن عددا من جمعيات المجتمع المدي حضرت أشغال هذا اللقاء التواصلي بالاضافـــة للمندوب الإقليمي للتعاون الوطني وممثل وكالة التنمية الاجتماعيــة بوجــدة.

متابعة: سعاد أفنـــــــــدي