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The seduction of a minor child and the attempted indecent assault lead a young man to be arrested in Taourirt.

التغرير بطفل قاصر ومحاولة هتك عرضه تقود شابا للإعتقال بمدينة تاوريرت.
On Sunday, May 17, 2020, the police departments of the Taourirt city region managed to arrest a person in the city of Taourirt who was suspected of being involved in deceiving a minor and being accused of being indecent in the bathroom of the house.

According to sources, the suspect was arrested after the child's mother was notified by the police of the suspect's presence in the case of wearing the company of her four-year-old child in the bathroom of her house, in a deplorable condition after he stripped him of his clothes and started kissing him all over his soft body.

The suspect was placed under the theoretical custody measures to deepen the research with him and listen to him in a legal report under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor before referring him to the Appeal Court in Jeddah and the person in charge.

هذا وقد دخلت منظمة ماتقيش ولدي على الخط لمؤازرة عائلة الطفل الضحية بعد اتصال أحد اقرباء الطفل بالمنسق الجهوي للمنظمة لطلب التدخل والمؤازرة وقد دعت منظمة ماتقيش ولدي عبر منسقها الجهوي الى تشديد أقصى العقوبات في حق هذا الوحش الآدمي.