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Training course for party youth in Taourirt region

Training course for party youth in Taourirt region The Regional Representation of the Congregational Youth of Taourirt Region under the supervision of the Regional Youth Assembly of the East, organized a training session for the party youth in Taourirt, opened the training course entitled "The Integrated Program for the Support and Financing of Contracting"In a word to the party's regional coordinator, Mr. Mohamed Al-Sagheer Nasseri, who emphasized his involvement in this dynamic, especially since it came immediately after his appointment as a regional coordinator for the party for the Taourirt region, and he also highlighted the importance of these formations in the formation and development of youth and that the party's door is open to youth creativity and after that I take the floor Mr. Hakim Qali, President The Regional Representation of the Congregational Youth of Taourirt County, in which he highlighted the involvement of the Regional Representation of the Congregational Youth of the Taourirt Region in the National Program of the National Federation of the Youth Assembly, which was adopted by the Regional Organization of the Youth Assembly to the East and highlighted the importance of the training sessions organized by the youth to gain young people knowledge about this important royal workshop that opened the doors In front of the youth to support and finance the projects of self, small and medium enterprises, and in this context, Mr. Omar Bensouna, head of the committee of young people who are carrying out projects in the forum of small and medium enterprises in Nador and Al-Drosh, supervised the launch of the training session, whereHe highlighted the importance of the merged program of support and financing, "Intilaaqah" contracting, and the most important advantages of success and the foundations for the start of the project, according to four main axes.
- Support mechanisms and perseverance -
Action plan
- From the idea to the project - The
spirit of contracting
It should be noted that this session comes within a series of meetings announced by the regional youth group organization for the Eastern region, which aims to integrate the youth category in the economic fabric and this course is completed throughout the days 11 and 12 March at the party's regional headquarters From this course 100 young men and women representing the various territorial groups in the region.