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تعزية Following the death of the father of Mr. Talha Jawad, head of the services agency in the Taourirt region of Electricity, all the agency's users come to Taourirt and Laayoune, and express their heartfelt condolences.
With great sorrow and sadness and with the hearts of a believer in God’s destiny and destiny, we all received the news of the death of your deceased, and we share your pain and sorrows with this great sufferer. We recommend you be patient and reckoning, cooperate in righteousness and piety, ask forgiveness for your father, and pray for him to win paradise and escape from hell.
The director of the website, Taourirt Info, extends her deepest condolences.
With the sincere feelings of sympathy and fraternal sympathy, God Almighty asked that the dear deceased be blessed with the mercy of his mercy and his spacious dwellings, and be blessed with his pardon and consent.
God, and to Him we shall return. Remind
you , my brother, that no servant has a calamity and says:
" إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ، اللهم أجرني في مُصيبتي واخلف لي خيراً منها " إلا آجره الله تعالى في مصيبته وأخلف له خيراً
وأتمنى أن يلهمك وأهله وكافة أفراد أسرته الكريمة جميل الصبر والسلوان والسكينة وحسن العزاء..