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The Taourirt Region worker launches the university school, Foum El-Oued, in the Sidi Ali Belkacem group in Debdo

عامل إقليم تاوريرت يدشن المدرسة
الجمعاتيــة فم الواد بجماعة سيدي علي بلقاسم بدبــــدو

The operator of the Taourirt region, Mr. Mohamed Dahan, accompanied by an official delegation that included civil, military and security figures, on the fifth of March 2012, the inauguration of the university school in the community of Sidi Ali Belkacem in the district of Dabdo in the region of Taourirt, and thus gave the start of the work of this institution, which was called the Community School, the mouth of the Valley .

This school has been completed on an area of ​​600 square meters, of which 350 square meters is a covered area and the completion period required six months, its capacity is 44 beds and the total cost of the project amounted to about eight hundred thousand dirhams and in addition to the family consists of a study room, two offices, in addition to health facilities.

The objectives of the project were set to encourage village girl schooling and the group’s school waste, educational, social and psychological support for teachers.

يذكر أن هذا المشروع المهم أنجز بفضل تظافر جهود عدد من الشركاء والفاعليــن هم مندوبية الإنعاش الوطني بتاوريرت التي مولت المشروع، جماعة سيدي علي بلقاسم القروية و نيابة تاوريرت للتربية و التعليم و تكوين الأطر و البحت العلمي في الشق المتعلق بالتعليم والتسيير.


سعـــاد أفنـــــــدي