taourirt info

A person died in Taourirt with a white weapon, and two people were arrested, one of whom was a minor

مصــرع شخص بتاوريرت
بالسلاح الأبيض واعتقال شخصين 
أحدهمـــــا قاصر
On Wednesday 13/11/2013, the Judicial Police Department transferred two persons, one of whom is a minor who is less than 16 years old, to the attention of the Public Prosecution of the Appeal Court in Oujda for the purpose of intentional beating and wounding, as it relates to each of the (BS) surnames And (M.A.H), known as "Arabi".

The detainees had attacked early on the morning of November 11, 2013, the victim, called “MA”, who was nicknamed “Born Malika” with the white weapon and directed him two stabs at the level of the heart, which was the reason he was killed according to medical anatomy.

According to informed sources, a wine session near a wedding ceremony turned into a crime after the victim tried to pressure the detainees in order to hand over the wine in their possession.

يذكر أن عناصر الشرطــة القضائيـــة قد فاجأت الموقوفيــن بإحدى المقاهي الشعبيــة بتاوريرت دون أن يكون في علمهما وفاة الضحية، الذي قضى بمستشفى الفارابي بوجدة وقد أدليا بتصريحات تلقائية أثناء البحث التمهيدي، علما بأنهما من ذوي السوابق في السكر العلني والضرب والجرح العمدييــــن.

متابعة: سعاد أفنــــدي