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Press release Kingdom of Morocco, Taourirt in: Ministry of the Interior,
Taourirt Region,
In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VIís tenure on the throne of his righteous predecessors, and to complete the developmental and social workshops organized for the advancement of the Taourirt region, on Saturday 27 July 2019, Mr. Al-Taweriger, the worker of Taourirt Region, accompanied the delegation of various security and civil interests responsible for the region, to give the start of the work to prepare the village course The link between the public and the eyes of the darkness, which extends over a distance of 12.5 km to the earthen community Sidi Lahcen. This project aims to reduce the social and territorial differences in the rural environment, and to isolate the isolation of the local population. Agriculture, which helps in raising productivity with it, something that encourages farmers to invest in these lands, and gives rise to the desire for stability, and the total cost of this project reaches 5000000.00 dirhams.