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The role of family involvement in making the educational system a success

The role of family involvement for the success of the educational system The Collective Women Organization in the East, in partnership with the Regional Coordination for the Province of Taourirt, organized a communication meeting on: The role of family involvement for the success of the educational system, on Sunday, 15 September 2019 at the headquarters of the regional coordination of the National Rally of Independents Party - Taourirt, at three o'clock after the demise. The participants agreed on the main and important role that the family should play in the success of the educational system alongside the rest of the partners and stakeholders in this sector of the country and the associations of mothers, fathers and guardians of the pupils, so that the family is required to continuously communicate with teachers in order to keep up with and follow the academic path of their children and ensure that they monitor Their children accomplished their school duties in order to ensure a good achievement for their children, and most of the interlocutors stressed that the success of the educational system depends on the complementarity and coordination with the other partners. In this regard, Mrs. Zulekha Erzi, head of the Association for Collective Women in the East, stressed that the majority of the problems raised during this communication meeting were mentioned in the party's path of confidence, which includes the problems and constraints on education, as well as solutions and proposals to solve these problems. This meeting was fruitful and rich with proposals and ideas purposeful and constructive testimony of all present