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Press release Kingdom of Morocco, Taourirt in: Ministry of the Interior,
Taourirt Region,

On the occasion of the sixty-fourth anniversary of the glorious Independence Day, and to complement the open social, economic and development workshops in the Taourirt region, on Tuesday 19 November 2019, Mr. Al-Taweriger, the worker of the Taourirt Region, was accompanied by a delegation that included the various decentralized security and administrative departments, and a number of elected, notables, and community representatives Civilian, inaugurating a garment factory in order to encourage the private sector to initiate investment in this region, and this factory has been established on an area of ​​more than 15,000 meters, including 4,710 meters built and used, and the value of investment in this factory exceeded 11.80 million dirhams, and currently 180 people from the hand Working on the horizon of reaching 280 female and male workers at the end of the year 2020, and these projects are considered of great importance in providing jobs for the active labor force;
After that, the delegation headed towards the current dump of the city of Taourirt, where it was given the start of its rehabilitation works, its preparation and exploitation on its closing horizon, immediately after the exploitation of the landfill and the controlled appraisal (which has a regional dimension to be carried out according to international standards) and programmed with the Al-Weedan group, and for this purpose allocate a sum of money equal to 26 Million dirhams, provided that the period of time allocated to complete this task does not exceed 30 months, in order to overcome all problems and negative effects on the environment and the environment that the population suffers from because of its current status, which satisfies a desire as long as it is waiting.
And starting from the city of Taourirt, the delegation headed towards the city of Debdo, where the provincial worker and his accompanying delegation inaugurated a multi-service social center in this city, which was completed within the framework of the National Initiative for Human Development at a cost of 1.7 million dirhams, and includes a management hall, a hall to fight illiteracy, Kitchen, two children's rooms, a garage, a sewing and embroidery room, and a handicraft room, in addition to sanitary facilities.
It is clear from the foregoing, the extent of the effort made to successfully generate projects of environmental and social significance, which have a positive reflection and impact on the development and structured development of this region in general, added to structured projects that have been completed or are in progress, to constitute a lever for improving and improving the sedentary lifestyle of this region , And provide job opportunities for the active labor force.