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Regional Directorate for National Education

Regional Directorate for National Education The Regional Directorate of National Education in
Taourirt honors outstanding students

, The Regional Directorate of National Education in Taourirt, Bahr this week, in the social complex Moulay Ali Sharif in Taourirt, organized a large ceremony to honor outstanding students and students at different levels of school during the current season.

The phases of this grand ceremony were attended by Mr. Taourirt Province worker, men of the local authority, heads of external interests, president of the regional council and a representative of the Taourirt group, civil and military personalities, in addition to the parents of the students and the students of the students ... The

program of this day was creamy and distinguished by honoring outstanding students in their path The academic, distributing prizes to the distinguished nationally, honoring a number of activities, foremost of which is the region's worker, and the ceremony was marked by the presentation of educational tapes, artistic paintings in addition to the speech of the Regional Director.

It is noteworthy that the regional directorate of Taourirt knew the achievement of positive results during the current school season, so he submitted the baccalaureate exams for the regular session of July 2019, 1965 candidates and a candidate who received 1341 baccalaureate degrees with a success rate of 68.24%, and examinations for obtaining the junior corps certificate 2963 students who passed 2298 passed this exam Successfully applied to obtain the primary education certificate 4280 students, 3994 of them passed this exam successfully, with a rate of 92.85%.

Follow-up: Souad Effendi