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The Knights Taourirt Association shines in the Hassan II Equestrian Awards competition in Rabat


The Taourirt Region worker honored in a joyful ceremony that the region's workers embraced, on the evening of Monday 22/05/2017, the Knights Association of Taourirt, led by Lt. Col. Faraj Faraji, in the aftermath of its third place in the Hassan II Equestrian Awards competition that was recently held in the Dar es Salaam Equestrian Hall in Rabat and in it Also choosing the horse of the contingent of the band as the best horse in the national level, and the association was ranked first in the regional exclusion in the city of Jeddah.

With this important result, the Forsan Taourirt Association has affirmed its distinction and strength and represented the region with the best representation. And the eastern side in particular.