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condolence With the hearts of believers in Godís destiny, and with his deep sorrow and grief, the educational family, headed by the regional deputy of the Ministry of Education and Taweret Taourirt and the director of Al-Fath Rehabilitation High School and its frameworks and all of its students, received the news of the death of Mr. Benntoís father, a professor of Islam for the Al-Fath Rehabilitation Secondary School, on this occasion they all extend their condolences for the warm heart, calling God, the Mighty and Sublime, is to humanize his wildness in his grave and make his grave a kindergarten from the garden of paradise and cleanse it from sins and sins, as well as purify the white garment from impurity and wash it with water, snow and cold, and that his soul is baptized by the means of his mercy and forgiveness and inhabits his spacious gardens and inspires his family and his beautiful patience and patience.
The God and that to Him we return