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Iron League

Iron League

             On 02/10/2011, the association organized the Municipal Iron Ball Club in Taourirt  Headed by Norden Serag the third league for this sport under the sloganIron balls   and gold ties. He contributed to the organization and success of this league.  Gentlemen: Battatit Mustafa - Yahyaoui to Habib - Kings of Abdul Rahim - Ahmed Azzout,

    The number of triads is 101, which equals 303 practitioners.

               In addition to the city of Taourirt   , the following cities have participated in this league: Bouarfa - Tafugalt - Berkane - Oujda - Al Arwi - Silwan - Jarsif - Taza - Oued Emlil - Tahila - Matmata.

               This league was crowned with the victory of the Taza Association in the championship and satisfaction, while the organized association was satisfied with reaching the quarter-finals.

                Such sports demonstrations contribute greatly to reviving the local economy, especially as the city's residents find an outlet for recreation.

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