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Under the slogan: “Forests: Nature at Your Service”, the Taourirt School of Progress commemorates the World Environment Day

Under the slogan:

Under the Forest motto: Nature at your service, school progress Btaorert immortalized the Global Environment Day on 05/06/2012, in the presence of educational institutions in the city managers and civil society actors and representatives of water management, forests and local authority
school progress has been the scene of festive during the day, after the reception of the audience and the recitation of verses Evidence from the wise remembrance The speech of the principal of the school and the regional deputy of the Ministry of National Education in Taourirt and the representative of the Environment Club in the same city was punished for this speech. This festive day was known to deliver three offers, the second and third were allocated to each of the regional delegate of the Ministry of Health and the regional division of agricultural investment for the Moulouya basin While the first show centered on planning and its role in protecting the environment, in addition to other recreational activities, this day was known today.

This has culminated in today 's ceremonial planting seedlings of the present party in order to consolidate the culture of environmental values in the children 's educational institution that was presented certificates of appreciation to attend with the organization of tea ceremony in their honor

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