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Training day for the benefit of better tomorrow's association frameworks for the deaf in Taourirt

يوم تكويني لفائدة أطر جمعيــة غد أفضل
للصم البكـــم بتاوريرت
The Better Tomorrow Society for Deaf Deaf in Taourirt organized in partnership with the Lalla Asma Association for the Deaf in Oujda, a training session for the benefit of the association's frameworks in Taourirt, at the last headquarters on Wednesday 09 October 2013.
The training day focused on the topic of fixation and indoctrination and its framework Mr. Lakhdar Zerini, professor at the Lala Asma Association for the Deaf in Oujda in a language Signal and manual work, the aim of the formative day was to teach communication skills and techniques for the deaf deaf, to teach the delivery of information to the deaf in an easier and faster way, how to make the deaf attentive to the lesson and interact with it, to do manual work for adults, to present a video tape provided to the deaf group in which to determine the extent of their attention For video and photo.
The formative day witnessed great success at all levels and was marked by an important response of the deaf to the presentations.
يذكر أن جمعية غد أفضل للصم البكم بتاوريرت، وبالرغم من حداثة عهدهـا وتأسيسها حديثا، فقد استطاعت أن تفرض نفسها بمدينــة تاوريرت نتيجة تفاني أطرهــا في خدمــة الصالح العام.

متابعة: سعاد أفنـــــــــــــــدي