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The Taourirt Territory worker commemorates the Prophet's birthday celebration at the ancient mosque.

The Taourirt Territory worker commemorates the Prophet's birthday celebration at the ancient mosque. Amid a spiritual atmosphere, the worker of the Taourirt region commemorates the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday in the ancient mosque.
After the Maghrib prayer on Saturday 11 Rabi` al-Awwal, corresponding to 09 November 2019 at Taourirt Mosque, Mr. Al-Arabi Al-Twigir, the worker of Taourirt province, presided over a religious party to mark the Prophet’s birthday. The regional worker was accompanied by Mr. Representative of the Collective Council, Mr. Al-Zayani, Mr. President of the Regional Council, Head of the Internal Affairs Department, Director of the Bureau, Gentlemen of the Authority’s Employment, heads of security interests in the region, heads of foreign interests, and in the presence of each of the city's chiefs, Taourirt, representative of the Endowments and Affairs Islamic, local authority, members of the local scientific council, the administrative staff of the Endowment and Islamic Affairs Commission in Taourirt, elected to the dirt community Taourirt, preachers and imams ...

The ceremony, which was attended by a distinguished crowd of worshipers, was marked by a collective recitation of verses from the wise dhikr, and the recitation of prophetic praises that were repeated by everyone by mentioning the virtues of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace and his benign attributes, followed by a religious lesson delivered by the representative of the local scientific council to Taourirt, and concluded the religious ceremony with prayers for the Commander of the Faithful The Moroccan people and the Islamic nation, and then everyone used to perform the evening prayer.

In the same context, the revival of this blessed memorial headed by the factor of the region follows the example of the year of the Prophet’s biography, whose birth marked the birth of a nation that was and will remain the best nation that was brought out to people, commands the good and forbids evil, for it is the Messenger, upon him, the best of prayer and peace, the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, whose life is shining and filled Nora and guidance.