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condolence With great sorrow and sadness and with the hearts of believers in Godís destiny and destiny, we received the news of the death of your deceased woman, sharing your pain and sorrows with this great loss of her passing away. The sincere brotherhood, asking God Almighty to cover the dear doctrine with the mercy of his mercy and to accommodate him in his spacious gardens, and to be blessed with his forgiveness and pleasure. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return. I remind you, my brother, that there is no servant who afflicts his calamity, and he says: (We belong to God and to Him we shall return. I hope that it will inspire you, its family and all the members of its generous family.
May God reward you and forgive your daughter. I ask God Almighty to forgive her, have mercy on her, widen her in her grave, wash it with water, snow, and cold, and purify her from sins, as he cleans the white garment of impurity. May God reward you, my brother, and replace you with her love, Sabra, O God, forgive our dead and make it with you from those whom you loved.
The sons and daughters of Taourirt, who were taught by Professor Masarar, extend their deepest condolences on the death of his daughter, whose names are under her life, Dr. Hoda, who worked in urgent cases at the regional hospital, Taourirt, which was witnessed by her kindness and humanity, as some called her doctor of the poor. We also extend to all doctors, nurses and nurses in the regional On top of them is Mr. Delegate Dr. Bebu Lahcen Bahr, condolences for the death of their leader.