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notice On the opening of the registration process for the formation of the composition of the Malwaya Aquarium Council

within the framework of the activation of the requirements of Article 88 of the Water Law 15-36 and its applied text related to the establishment of the Malluiyah Aquarium Council for the first time, the Aquarium Agency of Mallavia announces the opening of registration for the public water user associations or The societies working in the field of water, climate, and environment to register in the register designated for this purpose and the subject is under their reference, according to the following table:
Registration headquarters Associations / federations present in
the Aquarium Agency of Mellouya, Oujda, Manpower and Jeddah-Anjad; Jaradah Region,
Water Authority, Regional Directorate for Processing, Taourirt, Taourirt Region,
Hydrological Attaché, Berkane Region, Berkane Region,
Water Authority, Regional Directorate for Processing, Nador Region, and Dariush Region
The Hydrological Attach at the Jarsif District of the Jarsif Region,
the Water Department of the Provincial Directorate for Equipment in the Department of Acnol Department, Maghraoua Group, the
Water Department of the Regional Directorate for Supply by Bouarem, the Bouchaoun Group, the Abo Lakhal Group, the Combat Group, the Tendara Group, the Beni Kiel Command,
the Water Department of the Provincial Directorate for Processing in Mysore Department The Department of the Sermons of the Hajj, the Angel Community, the Mays Marmousha Community, the
Delegate of the Mellouya Water Basin Agency, Midelt, Midelt District, the Boumiyya Circle, the Kebab Group, the Sidi Yahya Ousad Group, the Tegsalin Group, the Ait Sa’dli Group
The registration period starts from Monday 4 November 2019 until Friday, 22 November 2019 at four thirty in the afternoon.
The number of members for these groups is determined as follows:
• 6 representatives of the water public domain user associations;
• 6 representatives of the societies working in the field of water, climate and environment.
Your participation in shaping the composition of this council, which is of great importance, will enable you to contribute in presenting your opinions and proposals on all issues related to the management and planning of water resources, especially the integrated planning guidelines and local plans for water management.
For more information, please contact the Malwaya Aquarium Agency on the following number 19 92 96 66 06