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Giving a start to the expansion, construction and paving of the Ring Road

إعطاء انطلاق أشغال توسيع وبناء وتعبيد الطريق الدائري Mr. Taourirt Provincial Council Chairman and Chairman of the City Council of Taourirt supervised the launch of the expansion, construction and paving works of the circular road, on Wednesday, February 08, 2017.

It is expected that the transit ring road will be linked to both parts of the march and Jerusalem from Moulay Abd Allah Street near the collective warehouse in the neighborhood In the direction of the retail breeze, this important project is part of the actual download of the contents of the urban preparation program for the city of Taourirt, the first part.

It is noteworthy that the inauguration of this ambitious project was supervised by the Territory worker and the leader of the Taourirt Group, and was attended by a number of members of the group and officials of the construction company and technical departments concerned with the project in addition to the contractor in charge of the completion works.

يشار إلى أن الأشغال السالفة الذكر ستهم توسيع الطريق وبناء الأرصفـــة وتجديد الإنارة العمومية وتعبيد وتزفيت الطريق بهدف إضفاء الجمالية عليهــــــــــــــا.

متابعـة: سعــاد أفنــــــــــــدي