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Taourirt: Leader of a group who committed a heinous assault on a citizen

تاوريرت: رئيس جماعة يقدم على اعتداء شنيع على مواطن
Fawzi Hadari / Madar 24

This evening Saturday, April 19, 2014, a citizen in his fifties was subjected to a gruesome physical assault by a stick at the hands of the head of the Ahl Wadza group, Taourirt region, where the head of the group directed several strikes on the level of his right side, according to the statements of the assailant as stated In the video, which is available over the course of 24 hours, which was taken from the victim’s house, which is inhabited by dizzy children of an enemy in the mentioned village group. As a result, the victim was quickly transferred to the emergency department of the Hospital Center in Taourirt, where he was provided with first aid and delivered a medical certificate proving the period of physical disability in 25 days.
This attack comes against the background of the president's request from the victim to change his statements in the Court of Appeal of Oujda in a file related to the involvement of the head of the group in the case of counterfeiting the sale of land.
هذا وتجدر الاشارة حسب ما جاء في تصريحات المعتدى عليه السيد عداوي محمد أنه تعرض لعدة ضغوطات وتهديدات من لدن الرئيس والمتهمين معه في ملف التزوير المعروض حاليا على أنظار قاضي التحقيق بمحكمة الاستئناف بوجدة